Tecnogi Toeppuff: Tecnopren 121

Toe Puff



Toeppuff: Tecnopren 121

Tecnopren is a necessary (dished) material for the front of the shoe, which provides a remarkable ease of assembly and optimal adaptation to the shape thanks to the use of rubber-based mixtures.

It provides high flexibility and reliable adhesion with APP adhesive.

This material has cotton fabric backing.

The thickness of the material; It is between 0.85 – 0.95mm.

The cutting direction is indicated by an “arrow” on each plate.

The method of use is; It is applied by a special pneumatic press machine equipped with a curved, heated curved plate, timer and thermostat.

We recommend the following standard operating conditions.

• Temperature to shape; 130 – 150 degrees (natural and synthetic primers) depending on the type of lining and the surface used.

• Bonding time: 6-12 seconds (this time also changes according to the thickness of the material)

We recommend that you do a preliminary test, as the adhesion / use conditions may vary depending on the nature of your upper part.

There is no binding time for the period after assembly.

Heat activation of the dome and upper part at 100 ° C and 5 to 15 sec. recommended.