Automatic Cutting Machines

Maximum speed, minimum waste

Bag and Belt Machines

Made in Italy with a special design

Leathergoods Material

We bring the selection of world brands for you

Ready Toepuff & Counter

We cut the fort dish type you choose according to your stamp and offer it ready for your use as shaving and sanding.

Lasting Automatic Roughing & Cementlng Machines

Technology that makes the production difference felt

Latest Technology 3D Shoe Design Program

It's time to create the shoes of your dreams

Elit Makina

With an experience of more than 20 years, we provide comfort, performance and energy efficiency in our highly-innovative shoe and leather goods and belt machines. They are competitive internationally and equiped with the latest technology. Our company, which is among the most-experienced firms of the sector, has proven itself in the international market. It offers;

Automatic Leather Cutting Machines

Sales, services and training for lasting machine, laser cutting machines, automatic leather cutting machines, leather goods and belt machines, sole and heel machines, among others. In all our services, our expert project managers, who prioritise high standards in workmanship, make sure that the needs of the industry are met professionally.

Shoe Machines

Our company follows the devolopments of the latest technologies in parallel with the fashion trends in the sector worldwide. Spare parts, services and training in production are made available simultaneously. Our services are carried out by a professional team abroad and in Turkey. They work, with state of the arts equipment to satisfy our customers.

What We Do ?

Ready Toepuff & Counter

According to your own stamp model, we cut the toepuff and counter, and sand it. Thanks to our computerized cutting machines, we ensure that you get 5% -10% more products from each plate.

New Production Facility

We supply the most ideal machine park for you according to the type of product you want to produce (shoe, leather goods and belt, sole, heel, etc.) and we complete the entire project with the training of the production process from the beginning according to your needs.

Latest Technology, World Brands

We bring you the latest technological machines of the world, which add seriality, flexibility and quality to your production.

Shoe & Leather Goods and Belt

We supply the highest quality materials preferred by world brands to make a difference in your production.

Spare Part & Technical Services

We meet your technical support needs in the fastest time. Our large spare parts stock will make sure that your production will not be interrupted.

Increase Production Performance

We examine your manufacturing process and reorganise your production in the most optimised way, allowing you to produce with maximum efficiency.

Our Distributorships
Five Reasons To Choose Us
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • The sector’s best brands
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • Professional technical support
  • Continuing of the sales and after-sales service process

We continue to provide the best service to you with our long-term efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.

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