Tecno2 T3000

Press For Insole Crimping


Tecno2 T3000 Press For Insole Crimping

The pair of insoles are alternately pressed

Double pressing movement of the upper molds for insoles locking

System for side positioning of insole

Automatic unloading of insoles with suckers

Insoles conveyor belts

Adjustable rear stop for insole positioning

Possibility to use different kind of molds: with rear cut, with rear adjustment lock

Daily production: 3.000 pairs (8h)


  • Pressure on each single mold: kg. 32.000
  • Motor: 4 hp
  • Air consuption : 600 liters per minute at 6 bar
  • Net weight: kg 2.100
  • Machine sizes: cm 210 x 155 x 185 h