Tecnogi Talyn

Toe Puff



The Talyn model is a compressed bomber type with a “ping-pong” effect.

Talyn series; EVA based traditional adhesive with soft or two backed polyurethane adhesive and EVA based traditional

Available in hard version with adhesive or with two backed polyurethane adhesive.

Usage method; It is applied by a special pneumatic press machine with timer and thermostat, equipped with a heated curved plate. Recommended working conditions:

Temperature to shape; Between 130 and 150 degrees

Bonding time; It is 6-12 seconds (this time also depends on the thickness of the material)

Bonding / conditions of use; a preliminary study, as it may vary depending on the characteristics of the upper part of your area

we recommend you do.

There is no binding period for the period after assembly. Heat activation of the dished head and screed is recommended.

Talyn series is environmentally friendly because; It is made from recyclable materials, and production residues are renewed and fully recycled into the production cycle.