Tecnogiplast Talyn

Reinforcement for Leathergoods



The products of the TALYN series represent the result of a sophisticated and innovative production cycle which enables the product to have high dimensional stability and resistance to humidity.

These characteristics, along with the easiness of skiving, the thermoforming capability and the very wide range of use in the leathergoods industry, they brought TALYN to be an excellent alternative to the traditional materials like salpa and similar.

The range of TALYN is available both in SOFT and RIGID version.


Rigid / Rigid Soft / Soft

Art.0,45 Art.0,30

Art.0,60 Art.0,50

Art.0,75 Art.0,70

Art.1,00 Art.0,90


Besides the NORMAL version (without adhesive) it can also be supplied in thermo-adhesive version:

TAG / S: universal type thermo-adhesive made of a blend which makes it elastic and soft, suitable for several types of leather.

It guarantees a perfect adhesion starting from low temperatures (90 ° C) up to 140 ° C.