Tecnogiplast Suede

Reinforcement for Leathergoods



A special place is reserved for the SUEDE series among the MICROFIBERS.

This product offers an even softer hand feel compared to microfiber, and this allows SUEDE to be used with very refined and sensitive leathers like precious reptile leathers.

Although it belongs to the world of reinforcing cloth, SUEDE thanks to its softness and good wear resistance; It is often used as a visible primer in products.

Besides the NORMAL version (without adhesive) and SELF ADHESIVE, SUEDE microfiber can be supplied with two different types of thermo-adhesive:

TAG / S: Universal type thermo adhesive made from a mixture suitable for various types of leather, making it elastic and soft.

From low temperatures; It provides excellent adhesion from (90 ° C) to 140 ° C.

TERMO SET PLUS: It is a high strength thermo adhesive for oily leathers and synthetically treated fabrics. Also 4sn. It has an excellent adhesion on nylon-based products using temperatures of around 120 ° C.