Sps 70.1.PN.IN

Invisible Eyeleting Machine


Sps 70.1.PN.IN Invisible Eyeleting Machine

Eyeleting machine with feeder, FOOT OR PNEUMATIC system fit for: shoe-leather-trunk manufacturing-technical paper. Thanks to a well balancing

of toggle with treadle, machine permits to operator with a minimum foot pressing to have a big shrinkage on foot type. Pneumatic foot valve

on type PN. It permits to fix eyelets with a shank diameter to 7 mm without pre-punching material. Machine can be provided with various feeders

by request, eyelets may be open round or star die. Washer if necessary may be positioned by hand on die. Machine is provided with

adjustable guide distance. For special application, on technical paper, leather and other industries machine can be provided with special

plane or recordable guides with various dimensions. Type MC to fix micro eyelets from 2mm shank diameter.

Width: 650×550

Height: 1780 mm

Net weight: 48 Kg