Sagitta SCA 1.03

Seam Pressing and Taping Machine


Sagitta SCA 1.03 Seam Pressing and Taping Machine

The machine is driven by a brushless servo motor which controls the lower transport system and can apply, after replacing the guides, ribbons between 12 and 20 mm wide. This machine has been designed to facilitate the application of the reinforcement tape in particular on boots, avoiding the stretching of the ribbon itself and the formation of wrinkles. The cutting device is able to cut any type of tape and can be controlled by means of an adjustable sensor or by a time system, indispensable when carrying out very short work sections. The use of the machine is made easy thanks to a guiding device that constantly keeps the upper in the correct working position.

Technical characteristics

Variable speed from 0 to 14 meters / min.

Standard guide for 16 mm tape.

Max absorbed power 0.3 kW

Single-phase power supply 230 Volt 50/60 Hz

Optional devices

Guides for 12 – 14 – 18 – 20 mm tapes.

Machine dimensions cm. 110 x 55 x 140 h.

Machine weight 113 kg