Sabal 4700 SA

Leather Crimping Machine



Sabal 4700 SA Leather Crimping Machine

Hydraulic-driven vamp crimping and shaping machine, suitable for shoe, boot with short and long bootlegs the combined action of pressure and heat warp the fibre texture of the material to be formed, as a result imparting the desired shape permanently. The shoe upper will therefore assume a shape suited to the last on which it shall be lasted. MODEL 4700 is equipped with various adjustment, that make it suitable for processing of different types of material, how the possibility of select three standard crimping cycle, how the possibility of digital-control independent of temperature, the plate pressure adjustable mechanically and pneumatically according to the leather needs, the side plates adjustable on the three axes with double-pressing, moreover the complete machine’s cycle is electronic controlled. This machine is equipped also with an easy system to replace the plates and the resistance, and with an easy system to replace the rubber strip of movable pincer, that allow a reduced machine downtime.

Technical specifications

  • Pneumatic
  • Productions
  • Air volume
  • Per cycle Lit 0,5
  • Voltage
  • V. 230/50
  • Power Consumption
  • Kw 1,8
  • Dimensions
  • Height
  • 158 cm
  • Width
  • 72 cm
  • Depht
  • 93 cm
  • Net Weight
  • 450 Kg