Sabal 4400

Upper Crimping Machine



Sabal 4400 Upper Crimping Machine

Machine for pre-forming and ironing vamps on any type for finished uppers. This pre-forming machine is equipped with an universal silicon mould for pre-forming any type of finished uppers (shoes, sandals, boots, low boots, sabots) and reactivating toe-puff in preparations for lasting, that simplifies lasting operations, reducing operating time and material waste, and improving the product’s final quality. With this machine it is easy to lend style to uppers, reducing model development costs. Teflon coated pull-down pre-forming unit specially designed to avoid damaging buckles or ornaments on uppers, and for determining the exact lasting positioning of uppers. The adjustable optical projector allow the correct placement of uppers onto the silicon mould. This machine has and electronic and digital temperature control

Technical specifications

  • Pneumatic
  • Productions
  • 1200 pairs/8h
  • Air volume
  • Per cycle Lit 6
  • Voltage
  • V. 230/50
  • Power Consumption
  • Kw 0,5