Transporter Machine


Omac TA 80 SPECIAL Transporter Machine

Omac TA80

TA80 and TA80S are two machines used in many fields especially in leather goods and footwear for transferring equipment tools crosswise.

Normal: TA 80

  • Moving cart (on the right or left) with two manual button or dual-mode platform.

Automatic: TA 80 S

  • Moving Cart from right to left and vice-versa by programmable display using the full path or time (in seconds).
  • Ability to clearly define path and return to starting point.
  • Dual alternative platform to display full path or limited to Right/ Left
  • Emergency button to immediately stop in case of malfunction.

Technical Data

  • Width: 730 mm.
  • Depth: 600 mm.
  • Height: 1330 mm.
  • Weight: 215 Kg.