Omac LB 460 R

Glazing Machine


Omac LB 460 R

The OMAC® LB460R is a rotary horizontal hot glazing machine, equipped with rotating tools in chromed and shaped steel, speed variator and adjustable temperature up to 350°C.

It is used in the production of leather accessories, footwear, papermaking, clothing, furnishing for homes and professional studios, decorative elements for cars and boats, horse saddles, leather objects, watch straps and gun holsters.

Internal heating with resistance;

Temperature regulation through termoregulator (max. 350°C);

Rotation speed regulation through pc board;

Smoke aspirator system;

Anti-accident helmet and signalling labels for burns danger;

Horizontal glazing tool.


  • 230 Volt Monophase
  • Weight: 25 kg.
  • Dimensions: 635X450X300