Omac E3000 S

Belt Dryer Tunnel Machine



Omac E3000 S

The Drying Tunnel E3000S allows the drying of leather belts and shoulder straps for bags, watch straps, leashes, collars for animals and leather desk items.

It has a drying tunnel of 2640 x 80 mm dimensions and is equipped with speed variator, adjustable temperature up to 140 ° C and regulation of airflow inside the tunnel.

Technical features:


Electronic air temperature control and conveyor belt speed to adjust heating to different types of material and colour;

Two 2000 W resistances ensure uniform and continuous heating;

Tunnel can easily be inspected with insulated mobile door;

Easy positioning thanks to self-locking wheels ;

ape transport speed: 10-15 MT / min.


Dimensions: 287x53x131 cm

Weight: 255 Kg

Power: 42 KW