Omac 993

Pneumatic Stamping Machine


Omac 993 Pneumatic Stamping Machine

The OMAC 993 are pneumatic stamping machines used for marking and stamping with hot system on soles, uppers, handbags, wallets, eyeglass cases, gloves, decorative accessories and interior decorative elements for cars and boats.

They are equipped with a system for the use of colored transferable ribbon. All models are “CE” certified and therefore equipped with protection and / or accident prevention systems.

Technical features:

Adjustable temperature with temperature regulator from 0 to 300 ° C;

Timer for pneumatic machines from 0 to 10 sec;

Pneumatic pressure from 0 to 6 bar;

Stamping via manual lever.

Dimensions 80x72x148 cm

Machines weight 100 Kg