Omac 740

Hydraulic Punching and Sizing Machine


Omac 740 Hydraulic Punching and Sizing Machine

The OMAC 740 is a hydraulic punching and sizing machine with two heads that allows cutting or punching the ends of belts and shoulder straps for handbags, also printing and numbering on the back. It is also used in the production of collars, leashes for animals and shoulder straps for backpacks.

Technical features:

Electronically controlled via microprocessor;

Two cutting heads with independent hydraulic units electrically movable to the right or to the left, both individually and simultaneously (maximum opening 1450 mm);

Infrared safety barrier;

Two-button synchronous-timed drive control according to EC standards;

Electronic counter;

Pneumatic Printing/Numbering with 6 discs + 2 cliché supports + 1disc to measure (size) equipped with temperature regulator and stamping timer (independent or synchronized operation at the cutting).


  • Dimensions 175x76x151 cm
  • Net Weight 580kg
  • Resistor 24 Volt – 1.5 W
  • Pneumatic Cylinder 80 ø
  • Cliche Support 6,4×6 cm