Omac 50 PST

Rotative Press Machine


Omac 50 PST

The 50PST OMAC® is a rotary press with heat that allows the pressing of wallets, shoe soles, agendas, menus, furnishing accessories, interiors for cars and more.

Double roller, upper and lower;

Upper and lower heating;

Transport speed from 0.1 m / s to 0.4 m / s adjustable with inverter via potentiometer;

Thermoregulator for temperature setting from 20° to 150 °;

Working width: 400 mm;

Double air pressure piston with variable force up to 200 Kg (6 bar);

Manually adjustable pressure height based on the thickness of the material.

Standard equipment: Top roller in rubber and lower roller in steel.


  • Dimensions: 140x103x138 cm
  • Net Weight: 180 Kg