Omac 450 RC

Linear Electro Pneumatic Folding Machie


Omac 450 RC Linear Electro Pneumatic Folding Machie

The OMAC® 450 are linear electro pneumatic folding machines able to make folds with hot or cold systems on various leather goods, in leather or similar materials: wallets, wallets for checks, key rings, handbags, etc. They are characterized by a folding width ranging from 0.3 to 10 mm.

Technical features:

  • Material thickness varies from 0.2 to 2 mm;
  • Programmable temperature from 0 to 100 °C;
  • Pressure time from 0.3 to 10 seconds;
  • Keypad with LCD with microprocessor for programming and check control function;
  • Pedal electrically connected for foldings;
  • Quill beads with dent.
  • Optional:
  • Lighting system;
  • Support.


  • Material thickness0,1÷2 mm
  • Padded material thicknessup to 8 mm
  • Folding capacity3÷10 mm
  • Execution time2 sec
  • Pressure time0,3÷10
  • Temperature0÷100 C°
  • Useful folding space45 cm
  • Weight75 Kg
  • Dimensions60x54x55 cm
  • Pneumatic supply6 bar