Omac 370

Three Head Dyeing Machine


Omac 370 Three Head Dyeing Machine

The Tingibordo-Tingicinture 370 OMAC ® allows you to dye the edges of various accessories, objects and leather elements: belts, bags, suitcases, wallets and other leather accessories, leashes and collars for animals, footwear, furnishing accessories for homes and professional offices, cushions for boats, car seats, watch straps.

Its structure contains three machines in one:

1. Automatic vertical dyeing machine with the possibility of coloring the tip of the belts. The material is transported and painted on both sides simultaneously. Width adjustable from 10 to 80 mm.

2. Horizontal edge dyeing for bags, suitcases and wallets, which can also carry out decorations along the edges.

3. Vertical edge dyeing machine equipped with an electronically controlled speed variator for edges of shiny ribbed bags, suitcases, diaries and other leather accessories. The coloring head is equipped with a straight knurled roller of 20 mm and, on request, can be equipped with shaped rollers.


Width: 770 mm

Depth: 430 mm

Height: 430 mm

Weight: 47 kg