Omac 300/420

Post-bed Sewing Machine

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Omac 300/420 Post-bed Sewing Machine

300/420 – 300/620

This sewing machine is the result of experience, Professional capacity and the research to customer service. It is high 42 cm. post bed machine, with vertical hook, whole

covered with utility patent. The patent covers over the new concept of high post bed, a new protection-system of cover of the hook. This system allows the maximum security and semplicity in the sewing phase and change of bobbin, restricting to the minimum encumbrance space. It is suitable for leather products, footwear, leather garments and for all kind of works that need a very tight sew. In fact have been reduced the dimensions of the co/umn and the blocking-hook and pointed that permits sews in very reduced spaces. To allow more versatility of work, the 300- 420 could be supplied with right hook (COD) or left hook (HOL) without any charge. Model available 300/620: high post bed 62 cm h

Technical Data:

  • Height Post: 42 cm
  • Thickness Yarn: 10/3-60/3
  • Clearance arm : 28 cm
  • Width: 105 cm
  • Depth : 56 cm
  • Height: 148 cm
  • Weight : 121 cm