Mario Angeleri RIG C

Hot Ruling Machine


Mario Angeleri RIG C Hot Ruling Machine

This machine has been designed for hot ruling or making ornamental burnings on wallets, key-holders, brief-cases, handbags, belts as well as special components of leather goods or shoes where this operation is requested. Practical, handy with an Interchangeable foot for the different widths operated both by hand lever and by toggle, the machine is equipped with D.C. variable speed motor and temperature control unit of the foot. Proper interchangeable guides enable to do the work on rectilinear or curved parts. The low voltage of the 12V lamp and the heating from 0.5 to 1V make it completely safe. It differs from the model with the work bench because of its small work table, which is removable so as to leave the transport roller free from obstructions, for possible working on closed ring components. On request, on both of our ruling machine models, we can supply a pedal which, by pressing down to a greater or lesser extent, will determine the speed of the transport roller. Again, on request, we are able to supply our ruling machines with a rotary foot.


  • Dimension: 55x60x120
  • Weight: Kg 74
  • Electrical feding :230/50/1 380/50/3
  • Absorbed power :0,4 Kw