L.T.A L-Gel , L-Memory Gel

Gel Latex


L-Gel , L-Memory Gel

Open cell GEL foam,with natural latex in water dispersion

Main Features : Breathable, Super elastic,self-modelling.Avaliable in the Memory version

Particularly suitable for insole footbeds of higher range, for this it’s recommended for women’s shoes with high heels or in mountain shoes and tracking.


L-GEL H (Hard)

Thicknesses ; 1.80mm, 2.30mm, 3.20mm    30D and 40D

L-GEL S (Soft)

Thicknesses ; 2.50mm, 3.50mm, 4.50mm      25D and 35D


Thicknesses ; 2.50mm , 3.50mm, 4.50mm      30D