Intermecc BM 2

Manual Riveting Machine


Intermecc BM 2 Manual Riveting Machine

Manual Riveting Machine

INTERMECC Mod. BM2 is an automatic machine for fixing steel-shank on shank-board through rivets. Riveting is made through an electric motor movement; this makes possible to obtain right strengt and speed needed for perfect riveting also of hard materials. It is not needed regulation when thickness of materials changes. Lateral positioning between steel-shank and shank-board is set through an adjusting rest; after fitting in rivet (on needle) into steel-shank hole, operator has to lean shank-board to rest. A special lateral centering system allows to insert first “heel side” rivet and then “tip side” rivet in an alternating way. Machine is also selling without previous devices. Machine BM2 has a very strong structure so that it can rivet even very hard materials. Production depends from operator speed; it can be made more then 300 pair per hour with a very high precision.


  • Electrical Power Consumption: 1KWatt
  • Compressed Air Consumption: Variable
  • Hourly Production: 300 pieces
  • Net Weight: 120 Kg
  • Dimensions: 0.78 x 0.71 x 1.80 mm