Icad 3D + Pro

Icad 3D + Pro Footwear Design and Pattern Engineering



Icad 3D + Pro Footwear Design and Pattern Engineering

ICad3D+ is the first software for footwear design and pattern engineering than integrates into a single program two different environments, 3D design and 2D patterns, which works in parallel and simultaneously. This way, ICad3D+ is presented as the best virtual alternative to the traditional process of design and pattern engineering, reducing the time spent as well as the material and human resources of the company

Most complete version that integrates to the rest of the versions.
Oriented to the creation of virtual prototypes, or transference manual sketches to a virtual 3D environment, with great detail, quality and realism. Get flattened and 2D-3D patterns with complete accuracy and 2D-3D correlation. It integrates a render module that brings hyperrealism to the created models. It also includes the ICad3d + Costing software.
Design, create and modify foot wear models, and their patterns, simultaneously in 3D or 2D with absolute reliability and precision.
Make flattening of anyshape, including boots and low boots, with total accuracy
Export the patterns of the models produced to any cutting machine, without any additional adaptation and without ever losing the correlation between 3D and 2D.
Recalculate consumption without re-flattening. In this way, you can modify the parts of the models until you get the most use possible.
Grade the foot wear sizes in a completely customisable way and in justone “click”.
Create fully customisable technical spec sheets, adapted to you company’s production process,
Work in a simple and intuitive environment, very easy touse, in which any modification automatically recalculates both the 3D environment and 2D.


ICad3d+ allows you to import a wide range of formats both proprietary (HOR, LST, FVR, etc.) and standard ones (STL,

IGS, SEC, OBJ, etc.).

Using the imported last you can obtain the patterns and photorealistic footwear models, fitted to real proportions.


ICad3d+ automatically calculates the bottom and cone curves, dividing the imported last into the three necessary surfaces for  the design and flattening processes (body, bottom and cone).
Edit the front and back profiles to get a perfectly flattened last.
Create virtual lasts for boots and ankle boots following a simple guided process that lengthens the digital last.


Drawing onto a digital last with ICad3d+ is as easy as drawing on a real last.

Working with ICad3d+ will allow you to: Use sketches or model pictures as a reference to draw the style lines.

Draw lines using very few points quickly and easily.
Perform automatic smoothing of lines and curves to obtain finer and more precise piece outlines.
Instantly create constant width or variable-width lines.
Automatically create mirrored lines to work more accurately and save time.
Make mirror lines independent to edit them individually.
Save the style lines and re-use them at any time, avoiding iterative work.
Include any kind of shape in your models, such as punch holes, cut-outs, logos and custom drawings. Such shapes can be stored in a library for future retrieval.


Using ICad3d+ you can flatten any last, including those for boots and ankle boots, in a totally accurate and reliable way.
Upon flattening the 3D surfaces of the body and the bottom are displayed on a 2D surface where each point is parametrically linked. This way, the modification of any design line on one of these surfaces (3D or 2D) is automatically transferred to the other surface, thus simplifying the process that should otherwise be carried out if these modifications were to be made in a manual way.


Get any 2D flattened last with total reliability and precision, and use it as the basis for the creation of your patterns.
Use the flattened lasts to easily create shells for boots and ankle boots.
Save time and resources. With ICad3d+, any change you make to the 2D design lines will be automatically and accurately transferred to the 3D design and vice versa.


Accurate and simple flattening of any kind of last: women’s, men’s, children’s, etc. Simple and quick operations with shells.
Strobel flattening ,
Wizard to create boot and ankle boot shells,
Special flattening of model pieces (pumps),
Dependent rotation of lines.


Use standard grading systems or customise them to your needs. In addition, with the grading rules you can control the grading of each of the baselines and thus lock or gradelines individually to grade pieces, such as straps, decorations, labels, counters, zippers or boots.


Calculate in real time the material consumption of your model and minimise waste. Thanks to the 2D/3D connection, with ICad3d+ you can modify any line and update consumption values instantly without the need to re-flatten.
Thus, you can modify the model parts to maximise material yield.


Create and customise the technical specsheets for the design and production stages.
Export the mto PDF integrating any kind of information, pictures and even rotating 3D objects.


ICad3d+ creates quickly and easily any kind of sole (sports shoes, platforms, wedges, etc.) and heels.
Thanks to its wizard tools, soles and heels can be created quickly withtotal precision. Just edit the lines of the created structure in order tomodify the component.
You can also create new soles and heels by freely tracing curves andsurfaces, without using the wizard tools.
The components can be exported directly to a 3D printer to produceprototypes quickly, thus reducing time and unnecessary costs.


Easily create decorations of any shape, material and complexity, and organise your own library.
Effortlessly add and adapt decorations in your model using the transformation functions to resize them, rotate them, or even automatically distribute various objects at a constant distance.
In addition, you can automatically create and add many different types of decorations like laces or zippers.

Import them from other programs

ICad3d+ allows you to import decorations in standard formats: IGES, STL and VRML.


ICad3d+ is conceived to speed up the creation of any kind of material (leather, rubber, patent leather, metal, gemstones, rhinestones, etc.) in any colour.
The materials can be created directly in the software using the wizard for material creation, or importing scanned textures that are easily editable with ICad3d+.
Created materials can be saved to your own library to use them later.
Apply materials on any part of the model with just one “click”, creating countless material combinations in different colours of the same shoe design instantly.


ICad3d+ integrates an advanced high quality rendering system* that allows you to obtain so real images (and videos) that it is difficult to tell the difference from pictures taken from physical footwear models. In addition, 3D models can be rendered in any simulated scene.
Try different camera perspectives, locate lights at different points, or adjust lights to simulate special lighting conditions to achieve the desired visual effect.
Unleash your imagination and create any appealing setting for your footwear models. No matter what you have in mind,
ICad3d+ can make it real!
Give more visibility to your catalogues, adds, website or presentations with need to physically produce the shoes.


The additive manufacturing through 3D printing allows to manufacture samples and short series, reducing costs and time of product development.