Tecnogi Guper

Reinforcement for Footwear and Leathergoods




For more than 10 years, TecnoGi has used its experience in technology and materials to develop a new division responsible for the production and distribution of reinforcing materials identified with the brand “Guper”.

Competitive advantage of backward integration with the maturing experience and adhesive production in the market has enabled us to develop highly technological adhesives such as the new generation TAG and TMS, which have become the market reference for bonding reinforcement materials.

TecnoGi is now in a position to offer a complete range of materials to meet all the needs for shoe supplements.

Deep knowledge of the shoe manufacturing industry enabled us to develop cotton fabric, jersey and non-woven based products.

Adhesive films are also available for customers who want to combine different materials with the best possible performance.

In addition to the new TAG adhesive, all products are available with traditional EVA adhesives, dot (dot) adhesive and automatic adhesive (self-adhesive).

Super products with TAG adhesive provide excellent adhesion from low temperatures (90 °) up to 140 °.

Contact time will vary depending on the type and thickness of the skin. Even on supports such as elastic nylon, our LAB tests show a perfect bond after 4 seconds at 120 ° C.