Tecnogi Granular Adhesive

Granular Adhesive



Granular Adhesiveilte ilacı                 

Termogi 212 is a co-polyester based thermoplastic granule adhesive and used in heat forming machines.

Termogi 212 is an ideal adhesive for the production of shoes thanks to its quick application time, flexibility, wettability and excellent adhesion performance to leather, synthetic leather and salpa(insole).

Since a wide variety of materials are used in shoe manufacturing today, it is recommended to experiment with Termogi 212 first.

Made from 80% recycled sources.


Technicial Specifications : 

  • Colour : Ambergris ,   Density : 0.9g / ml,
  • Softening Point : 110C ,  Viscosity : 2,4 Pa·s,
  • Application Degree : 130-160C about
  • Packaging : 25 kilograms of aluminum film covered sack preventing moisture from entering.
  • Storage Conditions : It can be stored for 12 months in its original packaging, in a cool, dry and dark place. It should be kept at 15–20 ° C at least 24 hours before using in environments where it is stored at 5–10 ° C or below.