L.T.A Flex

Latex Foam


Flex Latex Foam

Elastic SBR Latex Foams.

Main Features : Breathable,Antibacterial,Comfortable,Water-Based,Open cells latex foam. Avaliable in the ANTISTATIC version for use in safety shoes.

Thicknesses : All can be produced with thicknesses foam from 1.50mm to 10,00mm in a rage of 5 densities

Suitable for Classic man/woman shoes,Hiking boot,Boots,Safety shoes,Sneaker &sport shoes,Strobel sewing shoes,Stitch down shoes

Avaliable in a range of linings ;

Nontex 22 : Polyester cloth with excellent abrasion resistance, particularly suitable for footbeds in safety shoes

Nontex S  :Viscose/Polyester cloth

Tela PC     :Polyester/Cotton fabric particularly suitable for men’s and women’s shoes insole.

Newjet      : Very thin Spun-Laced poliester cloth

M1            : Poliester jersey for maximum elasticity and tear resistance.