Fioretto MF 78B

Boot Ironing Machine


Fioretto MF 78B Boot Ironing Machine

The moulds autobalance to make sure boots will be fully tailored to the mould.

Both mouls rotate simultaniusly so the operator has a total visual control of the boots in every part.

The mechanical mould opening adjuster for a uniform ironing process.

Aluminium heated roll.

Electronic control moulds temperature.

Jet of warm air and steam.

Optional moulds rotation step by step of 270 degrees.

Optional toe adjusting opening

Optional Holder for thermoblower gun.

Dimension: 85 x 73 x h 120 cm.

Net weight: 240 Kg.

Voltage 400 V. 50-60Hz.

Compressed air: 8 bar.

Boiler for warm and dry steam.

Daily production: 500 Pairs.