F.Alberti AV2 MA

Leather Skiving Machine


F.Alberti AV2 MA Leather Skiving Machine

The AV2 range of skivers are well known for their simplicity of use and for granting accurate skiving with extreme facility.

They are largely used in the shoe, leathergoods and furnishing manufacturing process and are available in the following versions:

* Head only (AV2 T)

* On table motor (AV2 M)

* On table with motor exhauster (AV2 MA)

* On table with super-exhauster motor (AV2 MSA)

The AV2 range in the version AV2 M, AV2 MA and AV2 MSA can also be equipped with electronic speed variator (E) and machine identification models are : AV2 ME, AV2 MAE and AV2 MSAE.

Technical data




cm. 120


cm. 60

Net weight

Kg. 86

Net weight version ‘E’

Kg. 115