EXCEL® represents the top in the range of Tecno-Gi materials for counters. It is made by using cotton fabrics (Grey line, with a “leather effect” and very high heat sensibility).Excel is produced with TMS adhesive, very well known all over the world for its

extraordinary adhesive power on all kind of leathers, or TAG adhesive.

This range of materials has been studied to obtain a top performance in the shoe.

The counter can be pre-heated at 80°C. Tecno Gi suggests a heating plate Teflon coated, that allows an ideal temperature control.

Other heat sources can be also used as ovens, lamps and hot steam. The pre-heated counter softens very quickly.

As the special adhesive does not stick the fingers, the operator can easily insert the counter between upper and lining, manually.

Then the counter is moulded and stuck by the backpart moulding machine. Advisable standard working conditions:

Temperature of the shape: from 130°C to 150°C according to the type of lining and upper used (natural or synthetic).

Contact time: from 10 to 15 seconds (higher temperature allows shorter contact time).

We recommend that you carry out a preliminary test of bonding as the conditions of application may vary depending on the  characteristics of the upper.

The subsequent cold stabilization (achievable with backpart moulding machine with two positions) allows to obtain a counter  perfectly shaped.