Tecnogi Counter : Biterm 335




Counter : Biterm 335

Biterm is a family of thermoplastic counters made by using cotton and non-woven fabrics.

Biterm counters are produced with traditional E.V.A. adhesive on both sides and fit any kind of

shoes, being available from 0.60 up to 2.20 mm thickness.

The counter is molded by a backpart moulding machine.

We recommend the following standard working conditions:

• Temperature of the shape: from 130°C to 150°C according to the type of lining

and upper used (natural or synthetic).

• Contact time: from 10 to 15 seconds (higher temperature allows shorter contact


We recommend you to carry out a preliminary test of bonding as the conditions of application

may vary depending on the characteristics of the upper.

The subsequent cold stabilization (achievable with the backpart moulding machine with two

positions) allows to obtain a counter perfectly shaped.

These materials are especially fit to be pre-molded by the modern automatic or manual backpart

moulding machines before insertion between the liner and upper.