Tecnogi Counter : Avantgarde 231




Counter : Avantgarde 231

Avantgarde is a fabric made using cotton fabrics and polyester non-woven fabrics.

is a family of thermoplastic fort.

Avantgarde is produced with APP adhesive on both sides.

It is designed to achieve a perfect preform with exceptional shape retention.

This material has a white striped cotton fabric backing.

The thickness of the material; It is between 1,35 – 1,45mm.

The cutting direction is indicated by an “arrow” on each plate.

The method of use is; It is put between fort upper and lining, then by a fort forming machine

The form is given by pasting.

We recommend the following standard operating conditions.

• Temperature to shape; 130 – 150 degrees depending on the type of lining and the surface used (

natural and synthetic primers)

• Bonding time: 10-15 seconds (if higher temperature is required, bonding time

should be shorter)

Since the gluing / using conditions may change depending on the feature of your upper part, a front we recommend you to make a preparatory test.

Perfect with the next cold station (can be obtained with the fort form machine with hot cold station) provides a shaped fort.

The Avantgarde family is especially suited to pre-form by modern automatic fort forming machines. Perfect molding provides an extraordinary shape fit.