Tecnogi Counter : Avantgarde 249



Counter : Avantgarde 249

Avantgarde is a family of thermoplastic counters made by using cotton fabrics and polyester

non-woven fabrics.

Avantgarde is produced with APP adhesive on both sides.

It has been conceived to obtain a perfect pre-moulding with an extraordinary shape retention.

The counter is put between upper and lining, then moulded by a special moulding machine.

Advisable standard working conditions:

*Temperature of the last : from 130 to 150°C according to the type of lining and upper

used (natural or synthetic).

• Contact time: from 10 to 15 seconds (higher temperature allows shorter contact


The following cold stabilization (given by the above mentioned special machine, with two

stations) gives a very well moulded counter.

Avantgarde is specially suitable to be pre-moulded by the modern automatic moulding


The perfect moulding allows an extraordinary adaptability to the last.