Cosmopol R 4

Pounding Machine For Man Shoes



Pounding Machine For Man Shoes

The roller reduces noise and vibrations thanks to rings mounted on a new muffling unit but still keeping its centrifugal pounding force.

The roller is equipped with steel brushe in order to keep the pounding rings clean and undamaged.

The R4 model is equipped with toe, back and heel heated ironing unit and with a new pounding piston rod which reduces noise and vibrations, increasing the pounding force.

The back ironing device keeps the shoe still on the rotating support with two lateral guides which allow perfect pounding.

The machine is also equipped with a self-braking engine with electronic adjustable-speed drive able to adjust the machine for any kind of material to be processed.

The R4 model’s ergonomics create a comfortable work-station eliminating thus unnecessary movements and fatigue for the operator.

Height:137 cm

Width cm. 86

Depth cm. 65

Weight KG. 220

Self-bracking engine 1.5 HP

Electric supply V. 400/50 3PH