Cmci 997

Sewing Machine



Cmci 997 Sewing Machine


Post bed machine (column 180 mms) single needle, rotating differential feeders, and bobbin variable by knee pedal during the stitching process.

Can make a quite remarkable type of stitching. the machine can come either with he larger hook or with a smaller one.

C997/M0-R the small wheel can be raised electrically (by electro magnets) or by knee pedal. wide wisual field thanks to the column small dimension, allowing even the most difficult stitching patterns.

Model C997/M0-0 = With thread cutter only

Model C997/M0-R = With thread cutter and reverse motion

CP = Hook small

Technical data:

  • Sewing speed 2500 s.p.m.
  • Stitch length from 0 to 6 mm
  • Thread 134
  • Weight Net: 93 KG | Gross: 127 KG
  • Certificate package dimension 125 x 70 x 150h cm
  • Motors: Machine Mod. C997/M0-0 can come either with EFKA DC 1550 control 220 V-50/60 Hertz motor or with Ho-Sing or FIR (clutch type) motors.
  • While Machine Mod C997/M0-R is equipped with EFKA motor only.
  • Note: Clearance under pressing foot 10 mms