Cgc Z9

Man Shoe Pounding Machine



Cgc Z9 Man Shoe Pounding Machine

Pounding Machine For Man Shoes

The machine have a roll pounding disk an done heated hammer on the front part, twoo heated hammers on the right side and a diamond grinding- Wheel, on the left side, that is connected with an incorporated exhauster

Noise-Canceling Aphonic product. Z-9 Pantent

Our company solves the noise problem caused by our machines. Adapts to 90dB or accident prevention norms.

Sound absorbing (sound absorbing) materials lined inside the unit.


  • Net Weight: 400 Kg
  • Height: 140 cm
  • Width: 95 cm
  • Depth: 65 cm
  • Auto brake motor: 2 Horsepower
  • Net Weight: 130 Kg (sound suppressor) Dimensions: 190x130x86 cm