Cgc Z13

Insole Milling Machine


Cgc Z13 Insole Milling Machine


The INSOLES MILLING MACHINE MOD.Z-13 is a machine designed and built to execute the operations of milling for round insoles for men and women. The milling operations are carried out through a milling disk, moved through a belt by an electric motor which supplies the aspirator, equipped with cutting knives which, by rotating, can remove material from the working insole; the insole moving during the milling operations occurs instead through two carriers, one in neutral and one motorized. The machine is equipped with a speed variator which allows to increase or decrease the output. It is also present a sharpening machine which allows to sharpen the cutting knives during the maintenance operations. Available also the Z-13Q version for square insoles, equipped also with a photocell which, by reading the presence of insoles, manages the movement speed.


  • Dimensions: mm 930 x 690 x 1400 h
  • Net weight: kg 165
  • Motor power: HP 1,5
  • Hourly production: about 5000/6000 pairs