Cerim K126

Computerized Heel Seat And Side Lasting Machine With Thermocement Glue And Tacks


Cerim K126


– Programmable last support group with automatic lenglh and heighl adjustments and automatic righi and left movement.

– Programmable wipers unii with automatic left and right disposition.

– Programmable side lasting group with automatic

heighl and inclination adjustment.

– Automatic thermoplastic unii with glue application on the insole with programmable glue paths on both sides and heelseat.

– Automatic side tacking with programmable tacks paths on the sides .

– Innovative tacks loading system, independent for right and left side.

– lndipendent drafting pincers group, manual and automatic, both vertical and horizontal, with different adjustments and additional settings available to overcome possible poor patterns.

– Last position reading with self-adjustment of the paths.

– Suitable for any production : high heel ladies shoes, classic and sports men shoes, even big sizes (54 French point), and kids shoes, even small sizes (18 French point).

– Programming system by color touch screen.