Cerim K076

Shoe Roughing and Cementing Machine


Cerim K076

The K076 is a machine for the lasted upper bottom processing, fully computerized, front loading, one station, single head with two independent tools operating alternately.

New design, with brushless motorization with high power motors, the ideai machine for the processing of every type of shoes : ladies (as well as with high heel), men, children and boots.


– New soundproof structure.

– Automatic tool change.

– One work station

– 5 programmable axes with high power brushless motors.

– Path programming with pressure and speed of each single point

and automatic division of the zones.

– lnstant and independent programming and correction

for right and/or left shoe.

– Automatic tool grinding and height adjustment.

– Programming system with touch screen display.

– Self-diagnostics.

– High productivity.

– Prepared for the new Cerim CO.BOT system for the transfer of the last lo the next shoe       processing step.


– Manual grinding device