Camoga Compact

38 cm Leather Splitting Machine


Camoga Compact


– No knife trend setting • •

– Grinding unit suitabe for corundum or diamond wheels • •

– Guide gibs group with automatic adjustment

– Independent exhaustors for emery dust and working scraps

– Wheel moving on precision roller guides • •

– Optical viewer to check bevel

– Analog thickness readout

– Handbook and service wrenches

– Ergonomic work position to reduce tiredness • •

– Safety device in compliance with CE standards

– Low noise level

– Life lubricated mechanical components

– Access to all components for an easy and rapid servicing

• • Features introduced for the first time by Camoga



Feed Table Height

0.95 m

Installed Power

1.0 kW

Net Weight

173 kg

Gross Weight

219 kg

Machine Dimensions (m)


Case Dimensions (m)


Technical Data:


Working Width: 300 mm

Max Thickness: 5 mm

Min Thickness: 0.2/0.8 mm

Knife Dimension: 0.5*40*2065 mm

Upper Roll

Rubber Coated Bot Feed Roll

Alternative grinding unit: Diam/Corum

Mechanical Thickness Gauge