Brustia PTP 3000

Automatic Heel Nailing Machine



Brustia PTP 3000 Automatic Heel Nailing Machine

Pneumatic automatic electronic heel nailing machine with programmable nailing sequence.

Main features:

– Fully programmable nailing sequence.

– 14 nails plus 2 screws-feeder divided in 6 section.

– Movable nailing column for boots.

– 7 plus 1 larger cylinder for nailing on very hard materials.

– Nailing regulation device.

– Quick-change nailing form and pneumatic hold down for high and flat heels.

– Automatic nail block release in case of nail jam.

– Very quick and silent nailing cycle.

– Autodiagnostic for quick trouble-shoothing.

– North/South or East/West working position on request.

Dimensions 960 x 106 x 209 (h) cm

Net weight 480 Kg

Work pressure 6 bar

Supply voltage 380 V

Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar:34

Electrical consumption 120W

Daily output pairs :1600