What is 3D Design?

What is 3D Design? You have to dream to create objects and you have to realize the objects of your dream. This is where 3D design comes into play. With 3D design, you can create and develop the ideas that come to your mind in a 3D, 3 dimension environment. Icad3d + are design programs…


Elit Makina

Elit Makina, Export which is become an important factory in the national and international market by adapting to the developing technology; is exporting product services making a new factory establishment to many countries including Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and support its customers always with brought the last technology machine.


Elit Makina presents the innovations at LINEAPLLE Leather and accessories & SIMAC Shoes and Leather Machinery Fair held every year in Italy to its customers who wanted to develop their production with last technology at AYSAF supplier industry fairs.