Biterm is a family of thermoplastic fort made using cotton and non-woven fabrics.

Biterm materials are traditional E.V.A. The product is produced with adhesive, both sides are adhesive. Material thickness 0.60 and 2.20mm

ranges from.

This material; The shoes are used with the back mounting machine. The working conditions we can recommend are as follows:

Temperature to shape; 130 to 150 degrees (Temperature varies according to the material you use, natural and synthetic)

Bonding time; 10-15 seconds (high temperature provides shorter contact time)

Bonding / conditions of use; a preliminary study, as it may vary depending on the characteristics of the upper part of your area

we recommend you do.

The stabilized situation in the ongoing cold position; The two-station rear is made by mounting machine and is a perfect

fort molding is obtained.

These materials are particularly suitable for pre-molding by modern automatic or manual back-mount molding machines before being placed between the liner and the upper.