Tecnogi Avantgarde





Avantgarde is a family of thermoplastic fort made using cotton and polyester non-woven fabrics.

Avantgarde; Produced with both-sided APP adhesive. To achieve perfect pre-molding with exceptional shape retention.

Is designed.

Fort; It is placed between the upper and upper lining and then molded with a special fort forming machine.

Recommended standard operating conditions:

Bonding temperature: 130 to 150 ° C, depending on primer type and upper (naturally or synthetically) used;

Contact time: 10 to 15 seconds (high temperature provides shorter contact time).

A well-molded fort material can give the best condition in the ongoing assembly process.

Avantgarde is particularly suitable for preforming by modern automatic assembly machines.

The perfect form provides an extraordinary fit for the next step.