Alfa Meccanica Alfa 750

Backpart Moulding Machine


Alfa Meccanica Alfa 750 Backpart Moulding Machine

Hot and cold Backpart moulding machine.

2 cold stations with airbag system and vacuum device.

2 hot stations with silicon cushion.

Main Features:

– Small dimensions (only 130 cm.) with 4 stations all with leaning mould

– Possibility to work with standard position or back-to-front for moccasin-tubolar

– Sliding mould support and pulling pincer for an easier upper positioning

– Adjustable moulding pressure

– Moulding airbag system with adjustable inclination

– Inclined pincers with vertical+horizontal indipendent pulling

– Possibility to release the polling pincers during the moulding

– LCD display for temperatures and working parameters setting

– Cooling system by liquid

Technical specifications

Dimensions 130 x 85 x 195 (h) cm

Net weight 550 Kg

Compressed air consumption lt/cy at 6 bar 85

Electrical consumption 3000 W

Daily output 1100 pairs