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Icad 3D + Design 3D Footwear


Drawing onto a digital last with ICad3d+ is as easy as drawing on a real last.

Working with ICad3d+ will allow you to:

Use sketches or model pictures as a reference to draw the style lines.
Draw lines using very few points quickly and easily.
Perform automatic smoothing of lines and curves to obtain finer and more precise piece outlines.
Instantly create constant width or variable-width lines.
Automatically create mirrored lines to work more accurately and save time.
Make mirror lines independent to edit them individually.
Save the style lines and re-use them at any time, avoiding iterative work.
Include any kind of shape in your models, such as punch holes, cut-outs, logos and custom drawings. Such shapes can be stored in a library for future retrieval.


ICad3d+ creates quickly and easily any kind of sole (sports shoes, platforms, wedges, etc.) and heels.
Thanks to its wizard tools, soles and heels can be created quickly withtotal precision. Just edit the lines of the created structure in order tomodify the component.
You can also create new soles and heels by freely tracing curves andsurfaces, without using the wizard tools.
The components can be exported directly to a 3D printer to produceprototypes quickly, thus reducing time and unnecessary costs.


Easily create decorations of any shape, material and complexity, and organise your own library.
Effortlessly add and adapt decorations in your model using the transformation functions to resize them, rotate them, or even automatically distribute various objects at a constant distance.
In addition, you can automatically create and add many different types of decorations like laces or zippers.
Import them from other programs ICad3d+ allows you to import decorations in standard formats: IGES, STL and VRML.


ICad3d+ integrates an advanced high quality rendering system* that allows you to obtain so real images (and videos) that it is difficult to tell the difference from pictures taken from physical footwear models. In addition, 3D models can be rendered in any simulated scene.
Try different camera perspectives, locate lights at different points, or adjust lights to simulate special lighting conditions to achieve the desired visual effect.
Unleash your imagination and create any appealing setting for your footwear models. No matter what you have in mind, ICad3d+ can make it real!
Give more visibility to your catalogues, adds, website or presentations with no need to physically produce the shoes.


The additive manufacturing through 3D printing allows to manufacture samples and short series, reducing costs and time of product development.