Omac LBR

Glazing Machine


Omac LBR Glazing Machine

The OMAC® LBR is a rotative smoothing machine able to smooth the edges of accessories of leather goods, saddlery, desk objects and furnishing, menus for restaurants, decorative elements for boats and cars and much more.

It is equipped with 3 heads, 2 horizontal and 1 vertical, all of them equipped with a speed variator and an adjustable temperature up to 350°C.

Technical features:

Hot smoothing rotating steel tools, shaped for different thicknesses;

3 simultaneous glazing stations with independent thermoregulators;

Independent regulations and control panels for each workstation

Adjustable temperature up to 350° C;

Speed variator with independent inverter for each tool;

Central tool adjustable in height;

Smoke aspirator system;

Safety protection during work breaks.


  • Width mm. 130
  • Depth mm. 75
  • Height mm. 135
  • Weight brut Kg. 145
  • Weight net Kg. 95