Omac 730 FSC

Hydraulic Stamping and Punching Machine


Omac 730 FSC  Hydraulic Stamping and Punching Machine

The 730 FSC hydraulic stamping and punching machine with hot system used to punch the tip and the end of belts, watch straps, bracelets and leather shoulder straps.

They are also used to print car and boat seats, soles and insoles, handbags, agendas, menus for catering and leather or Eco leather cover panels.

The working range of the stamping-punching machine 730 FSC is 340×210 mm, while the 731 FSC is 340×310 mm.

Both machines are equipped with a self-centering guide plane, mechanical lock, 6-hole lock, punch tip and barb + block for hot stamping. Power 4000 kg.

Dimensions 90x60x135 cm

Weight 175 kg

Maximum absorption 1,1 KW

Supply 220/380/440 three phases