Intermecc BM 30

Automatic Assembling Machine


Intermecc BM 30 Automatic Assembling Machine

NTERMECC Mod. BM30R is an automatic machine for assembling the shank-board with the insole; it can work with INTERMECC Mod. BM40/BM2000 gluing/stamping/drying machine, but also with other kinds of gluing/drying machines. The most important characteristic of BM30R is that assembling work (patented) is made by a six axis robot, so that it is possible to put shank-board on insole in every way operator wants, obtaining very high precision in assembling also long insoles and long shank-boards. It is also possible to assemble parts only in rear side (see photo), when it is necessary to “open again” insole. Autocentrering and distinct devices for insole and shank-board almost allows to eliminate regulations of machine in changing models. Shank-board loader is vertical; operator can also load while machine is working. Insoles come into machine from a conveyor; it is also possible to load by hand. After assembling, unloading is automatic. Production is abuot 700 pairs per hour.


  • Installed power: Kw 2
  • Air consumption: about 300 l/min.
  • Output per hour: about 700 pairs
  • Net weight: about 3530 N (360 Kg)
  • Dimensions: m. 1,00 x 2,00 x 1,55H