About Us

Elit Makina which was established in 1999, is a leading company specializing in shoe, sole, heel, leather goods and belt machines, spare parts, technical service support, and raw material supply. Our company continues to increase its experience by following the sector’s global innovations; it enables our customers to stay in a competitive position in the national and global market, plans their production strategy, and establishes the most ideal machine system.

Our training activities;

By providing the training of all the machines and software we sell; we enable our customers to go to the production stage quickly.

Supply of spare parts;

We enable our customers to continue their production without interruption with our wide spare parts stock and fast technical service support.

Our foreign operations;

We are in the global market by exporting products and services to many countries including Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine. More than twenty years of experience of our technical and commercial personnel, enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for every need and provide, expert advice and technical service support for all companies involved in the shoe and leather goods industry. Our firm’s understanding of service; not only restricted to sales and after-sales services but also complements the principle of helping our customers to ensure that their investments are 100% technological and raise their own production standards.

Our Services;

  • Sales, installation, maintenance, and technical service of computerized automatic cutting, shoes, insole, heel, leather goods, and belt manufacturing machines.
  • Supply of shoe, sole, mold, heel, leather goods, and belt production raw materials.
  • Making a difference with the name of Tecnogi, 5 to 10% advantage in each plate, cut according to your own special stamp and perfectly shaved, sanded toe-puff, and counter with quality workmanship.
  • Shoes, sole, heel and bag design software, and training.

Our areas of expertise;

  • New factory set up
  • Capacity and efficiency increase
  • Quality upgrade
  • Sectoral training programs.

Our projects related to public institutions and organizations;

Providing machinery supply of United Nations special refugee programs, European Union projects, ministry of science and industry, educational institutions and vocational high schools affiliated to the ministry of national education, universities, chambers of commerce, public education centers, municipalities, prison job dormitories; we complete the production and training projects. Apart from public institutions and organizations, we have realized our successful projects with many leading companies in our country and abroad. We continue to offer innovative solutions and develop new projects for the development of our industry. Our training and projects will continue for the future of our industry.
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